Anonymous asked:
Why did you sell your all black dunks?

didn’t like em at the time, looking back I shouldn’t have.

cause when I’m on the road, I be on the road.

I could hold you down, but I’m not your home. 

Anonymous asked:
How come you don't wear your brand ? Or atleast have a lot of pictures in your clothes ?

I’m weird

Anonymous asked:
Well are you still into streetwear? After my Rick Owens Dunks fell apart i havent been able to get back into designer because im not that wealthy so im stuck in streetwear

well I mean I don’t like many streetwear brands besides Bape and Cav Empt atm so I guess that’s a no?

Anonymous asked:
Would u go to Compton

if I can crash w/ YG or Kendrick then sure

darthag asked:
Wow, what I was able to see from your new collection the pieces looked immaculate. The way you show cased them and how you set it up. All very smart and perfectly done. Congratulations!!

thank you so much mate!

Anonymous asked:
Would you ever wear sk8 hi vans or conver all stars? You only seem to wear designer shoes

I have two pairs of converses which I wear on occasion, can’t get into Sk8-his.. idk I prefer my designers, I wear them like beaters


It’s not you babe, it’s your aesthetic…

(via usulal-din)

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